Powerful, but simple.

We have thought of everything. The variety of our features leaves nothing to be desired when mapping systems.

Make it simple

It's not always simple to create great things. But the ease of use, individual configuration and clear presentation make it very simple for you to deal with complexity.
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Interactive on the go

Understand complex issues through interactive experience. Immerse yourself in simulations, react to events, select measures and actively influence events over time.
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Create transparency

The journey is the destination! With us, everything is visible and documented: Statuses, influences, changes in the network and in diagrams. We provide a clear overview.
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Customize anything

Complex topics have many faces - with us you can make them visible. Design your model individually according to your wishes with colors and images.
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Enable collaboration

Real success comes from teamwork. We give you the space to be creative together. Work in organizations, share your models with other people and publish your results.
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