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simcision is a solution from iCONDU GmbH, an owner-managed consulting company for strategy, organization and process consulting in Ingolstadt. Our interdisciplinary team focuses primarily on issues relating to complexity, sustainability and digitalization.

Your Crew

Photo of Ntimi Schnütgen

Ntimi Schnütgen

Ntimi is our discoverer. He built simcision, takes care of new concepts and design and puts everything technically into practice. He is now sailing around the world to spread the word about simcision and give as many people as possible access to the world of systems thinking.

Photo of Barbara Holzner

Barbara Holzner

Barbara is our captain. She has simcision in constant use and connects people with modeling and simulation. She brings her everyday experience back into the software – so simcision is ready for any rough sea.

Photo of Michael Holzner

Michael Holzner

Michael is our navigator. He usually sits in the lookout and keeps an eye out for new applications for simcision. As an old sea dog, he knows all the ins and outs of simulation and diligently puts every new idea through its paces before it comes on board.

Photo of Francesca Jacker

Francesca Jacker

Francesca is our first sailor. She keeps the deck in order, hoists the sails and draws our maps. Every fleeting idea is taken up by her and turned into something tangible. Thanks to her active help and creative influence, simcision remains easy to use for everyone on board.

Sustainable decisions

We have a mission! The world is constantly evolving and we have a responsibility to influence where the journey takes us. For us, future orientation means sustainability. We want to empower people to make a positive impact in the world, make sustainable decisions and deal with complexity. To do this, we need systems thinking.

Transparency and Systems Thinking

Our many years of simulation experience have shown us that it is important to understand the interrelationships. Transparent models help us to build mental models together as a group and work on the really important levers. With simcision, we want to give more people access to this.

Modelling experience

simcision is our daily working tool. We use our impactation® method to run target and strategy workshops in simcision. We conduct SDG training sessions with the simcision Sustain2030® simulation game. And explanatory models help us to understand complex interrelationships. We launched simcision in 2019 and have been continuously developing it ever since.

Our origins

simcision is a new development based on the predecessor software HERAKLIT. HERAKLIT originated as part of the pilot project “Planning, development and design of teaching and learning arrangements for networked thinking and action”, carried out by GAB Munich and KHS Know How Systems GmbH. HERAKLIT was handed over from Dieter Ballin to iCONDU GmbH in mid-2018.

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