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The simcision method is based on the learning and problem-solving approach of systems thinking


With simcision, you model your system and evaluate the system behavior using a simulation


Consulting, training, and implementation from a single source – we support you with day-to-day use

  • With simcision, you no longer leave important decisions up to chance.
  • With simcision, you understand the relevant contexts and maintain an overview.
  • With simcision, you make well-founded decisions and reap long-term success.

simcision – Your reliable partner

Strategy development

Coming up with a corporate strategy is a highly complex affair – simcision helps you to account for all relevant factors and allows various scenarios to be simulated in order to derive a sustainable strategy.

Decision making

Decision making means selecting between evaluated alternatives – simcision helps you to formulate the target system and reach a collectively made, documented decision – even for complex issues.


Participation means teamwork – with a collaborative working method, simcision allows all stakeholder perspectives to be taken into consideration and for the a solutions developed to be communicated simply and transparently.