Consulting, training, and implementation from a single source – we support you with day-to-day use.


We assist you in using the method in workshops, implement the model developed in the software, and assist you with the optimization of models – including the design of participation or transformation processes.


In interactive workshops, we help you to focus on your individual issue and moderate the dialog and discourse between stakeholders in order to consolidate experience and use it in the best possible manner.


We provide base models, assist you with the implementation of individual effect and simulation models, and guide you on the path towards developing comprehensive simulation games.

Participation processes

We assist you with the implementation of co-creative participation processes for sensitizing large groups of persons and including them in strategy development and decision-making processes.

Training offerings


Decision making with simcision

Become a systems thinker and get acquainted with our simulation-based method for decision-making in complex environments.


Modeling and simulation

Find out how models and simulation games can be created in simcision and get acquainted with the features of the software.

Simulation games

Discourse and participation

Use one of our simulation games to sensitize participants to a topic and get stakeholders sitting down at a table in a moderated environment.

Developing simulation games

We will provide support during the development of individual simulation games, from the initial idea and the implementation in simcision to execution in small and large participant groups.

Creating simulation games

In interactive workshops, we will assist you and your stakeholders to jointly develop an interdependency network that is then supplemented with resources, events, actions, and scenarios. We will subsequently assist you with mapping the content generated in the simcision software, plausibility testing of the system, and the formal and graphical processing.

Achieving an impact with simulation games

After creating your individual simulation game in simcision, we will assist you with the execution as moderator in small or large participant groups, or train you to do so yourself. Through the conceptualization, design, and implementation of suitable accompanying materials, we ensure that you achieve the desired impact with your simulation game.