We are constantly working on the further development of our software. Here you can get an overview of all changes.

Fixed bugs

  • Published models are now loaded reliably.

Fixed bugs

  • Documentation fields now close properly again when clicked outside of them.
  • We removed the “always when…” and “once” setting from the Actions condition menu, as it had no effect.
  • The condition menu in the Actions section now closes automatically when the open condition is deleted.
  • The title of the model in the table bar is now changed correctly again when “Save as” is triggered.

Bugs fixed

  • Publications can now be saved correctly as simulation games.

Fixed bugs

  • The value bars are no longer displayed twice in the simulation and network analysis area.

Bugs fixed

  • “Save as simulation game” works as planned again.


  • You can now enter several e-mail addresses at once in the “Share model” pop-up. Whether separated with comma, semicolon, space – all no problem.
  • The error messages for unavailable models or access restrictions have been extended and contain more details.

Fixed bugs

  • Newly created models can now be exported before they are saved for the first time.
  • If a login session is interrupted, a login popup now appears, allowing you to log in again and continue with your work.
  • It costs less power to move the mesh now.

Fixed errors

  • An error in the calculation of the separator line positions in the Evaluations area has been fixed.

Curve editor – New features

  • The strength of the curve can now be set directly by a quick selection. The values of the quick selection can be adjusted in the settings.
  • The curve end point can now also be moved freely in height, the end value is taken over as the new strength of the relationship.
  • Curve points can be moved in the grid by holding down the SHIFT key.
  • The points of the curve can now optionally be rounded off.
  • Any number of points can be added to the curve.
  • The curves can now be adjusted as much as desired, there is no longer an upper limit of 100. The scale of the curve adjusts automatically when the strength is adjusted.

Other improvements

  • The influence matrix in the Analysis section can now optionally use the strengths of the relationships as a basis for the values again.
  • The curve editor in the relationship menu is now open by default.
  • The setting for equal or opposite direction in the relationship menu is now easier to understand.
  • The accessibility of simcision has been improved: more buttons have separate focus designs and can be accessed via the keyboard.
  • The selection menu of relationships in the relationship menu contains “Unnamed” instead of an empty field if an element does not have a name yet.
  • The relationship creation menu can now also be opened by right-clicking on an element.
  • “Costs” are now called “Resource consumption”.
  • Newly selected simulations in the Evaluation area now preferentially assume a symbol that is in use as little as possible.
  • Undo entries are now created with more intermediate steps.
  • Small pop-up messages are now movable.
  • Wayfinding between elements now always finds a link if one is possible.
  • Models are now opened online not under, but also under
  • The order of curve templates has changed: “Linear” is the first suggestion in the list.

Fixed bugs

  • The Analysis section now shows the correct start values of the loaded simulation.
  • The curve templates “Saturation”, “Exponential” and “Plateau” have been improved – there are now no more slopes that go to infinity.
  • The delete keystrokes have been improved so that elements are not accidentally deleted.
  • In the Analysis section, the warps no longer show an empty path if the source item has no outgoing relationships.
  • Undo and Redo now work better when working in text fields.

Bugs fixed

  • Choosing elements that affect resources is now possible without errors again.

Fixed bugs

  • The Evaluation and Simulation section no longer hang on simulations that contain deleted elements.
  • If simulations have already been created and a component of this simulation is deleted (e.g. elements, relationships, resources, measures…), a warning now appears that the existing simulations will be falsified.

Fixed errors

  • Stakeholders that are linked to elements that have already been deleted no longer cause problems.

Fixed bug

  • Events that are triggered once on entry are triggered correctly again, based on the start values of the last round.

Bugs fixed

  • An error was fixed that had been ocurring in some simulations containg deleted elements.

Bugs fixed

  • No other controls are now visible while the relationship creation mode is active.
  • Analysis: For all elements the outgoing relations in the impulse tracking area are now displayed correctly.
  • Analysis: Deleted elements no longer interfere with the operation of path tracking.


  • Subsequent incidents are now clickable and open the associated incidents.


  • Simcision is now completely multilingual. You can set your language in the menu.
  • Bonjour! Simcision can now be used in French.
  • Company license owners can now see in the Team section which team license holders have not logged in. This way unused licenses can be redistributed.


  • The language selector in the app now contains flags – so it matches the one in the web version.
  • Registration links are now longer valid (three weeks instead of three days).

Fixed Bugs

  • If there are spaces after the e-mail in the registration or login field, this no longer causes an error.
  • Models can now also be saved with an empty description.
  • The save dialog no longer hangs if the saving process could not be completed.
  • The overall state of round 0 in the simulation area is now displayed correctly.
  • The list of all possible paths in the analysis area is now splitted to save computing power.
  • If no company is assigned, NONE will no longer be displayed in e-mails.

Fixed Bug:

Some models saved in a previous version of the software could not be opened, this has been fixed.

Bugs fixed:

  • Simulations containing incidents with empty triggers are simulated correctly now.
  • The relationship arrows move to new positions when the image of an element is changed.


  • Fixed a bug introduced by the last update: Incident triggers are now only triggered if ALL its conditions apply.


  • The app saves the display settings of the model list now.

Fixed bugs:

  • The comments of the indicators are shown in the element info overlay now.
  • You won’t get any “failed update” notifications anymore as long as the app is offline.
  • The model list is displayed correctly even if the model descriptions contain long links.
  • The element limit was removed from models without templates.


  • Simulations that contained deleted actions can be played correctly again.

Bug fixed:

  • Models that were saved in a previous version of the software and contain no simulations can be opened again correctly.


The area “Analysis” is seperated into two subcategories now:
Influence Matrix and Influence Chains

Influence Matrix

  • The values of the influence matrix are not based on the general strength of the relations anymore, but explicitely on the slope of the curve at the current element value. This process represents the real influence of each element at the current state of the net in a better way.
  • The influence matrix is connected to the current simulation now: the values of the elements in the influence matrix are based on the state of the element in the current round. The starting values can be viewed by moving to round zero or closing the simulation.
  • When no simulation is active, the elements can be given manual state changes. Using these, you can watch the changes in the influence matrix that happen by changing the state accurately.
  • Elements are labeled by their order now: Each element gets a label with a letter by which they can be found in the influence matrix again.

Influence Chains

  • The area “influence chains” gets a new function: Ways and Cycles. This function shows ways from a starting element to an end element automatically. If you choose the same element for start and end, all cycling ways of the element are shown instead. All found ways include length and alignment.
  • The old “Influence Chains”-function has been extended and is now called “Impulse Tracking”.
    Like before, you can build influence chains manually in that area from the elements of the net. Additionally, you can set the state of the start element to be changed now. The resulting change impulses are shown in the net and in the chain.
  • Impulse Chains can be equipped with a comment now.
  • The ways from the function “Ways and Cycles” can be opened as a new way in “Impulse Tracking”.


  • You can completely disable the visualisation of the simulation now and only show the result of the simulated round.
  • The technology powering the simulation has been improved and should run faster.
  • The impulse displays on the elements are larger.
  • The impulses are counted up all at once now, not one after the other.
  • The measures are played exactly in the order they were are added to the simulation now.
  • The rounds show their end state and the impulses passed to the next round now.
  • The simulation progress bar includes a “starting area” now. That area contains the starting state of the net and the impulses of the first round. Additionally, the start screen can be displayed here again.
  • The simulation does not jump back to the beginning again when the simulation is over.
  • Measures that could not be played are marked as such in the round overview.

Other things

  • The import-popup takes the name of the selected file as title if none was filled in yet.
  • The simulation export includes ressources in the result now too.
  • In the scenario-overlay, the text of the start- and end state are listed seperately now.
  • The conditions depending on rounds don’t allow inserting a round under 1 now.
  • The visual representation of the influence curve is a bit more consistent now. The raster lines should always be shown now.
  • The amount of incoming and outgoing relations is now visible while the relation menu of an element is visible.

Fixed a bug:

  • The resource overlay can be shown again.
  • Models in the app are always downloaded now if they don’t exist offline.

Extended simulation export

The values of the resources are included in the start- and end values of the simulation export. Furthermore, the end state includes the number of the last played round.

Update notification

A notification appears when a new version has been installed. If there are important new features, those are presented in a popup.

Download notification (app only)

A small notification will now be shown when a new version is beeing downloaded in the app.

Close confirmation (app only)

When closing the app, the software will now ask for confirmation if a model is open.

Fixed bugs

  • New models can now only be created if they have a name.
  • The exported simulation report can now be downloaded in Microsoft Edge too.
  • Longer relation path connections are now possible. The arrows won’t stop as soon as before.

Fixed bugs

  • The simulation popups show the data of subsequent incidents correctly now
  • In the simulation export file, the end state shows the correct data, even if the simulation was not played through completely
  • The simulation export includes the starting values of the elements
  • The overlay of self driven dynamics shows the correct interval now
  • The placeholder texts in the info overlays are shown correctly when no information was filled out

Data export in simulation info overlay

Die Liste der gespielten Maßnahmen und Ereignisse einer Simulation können in einer Textdatei exportiert werden. Der Export kann über das Simulationsinfo-Overlay im Bereich Auswertungen eingesehen werden. (Linke Seitenleiste → Allgemein → Mehr Informationen)

Scenario start screen / end screen

In Szenarios kann eingestellt werden, dass am Ende und am Anfang ein Dialog mit Text, Titel und Bild angezeigt wird.

More images in simulations

Maßnahmen, Ereignisse, Eigendynamiken und Ressourceneinflüsse können nun ein Bild enthalten. Dieses wird in den Einblendungen während der Simulation angezeigt.

New image uploader

Bilder können nun per Drag-n-Drop eingefügt werden, außerdem wurde die Eingabemaske überarbeitet.

Extended chaining of actions and incidents

  • Die Bedingung „Maßnahme“ und die Bedingung „Ereignis“ kann nun nicht nur mit „mindestens“ ausgelöst werden, sondern auch mit „maximal“.
  • Ereignisse lassen sich nun auch von Ereignissen oder Maßnahmen auslösen, bzw. kann das Auslösen vom Auftreten eines Ereignisses oder dem Spielen einer Maßnahme abhängen
  • Einträge in Dropdowns lassen sich nun per Doppelklick auswählen, nach Auswahl springt die Scrollleiste wieder an den Anfang zurück.
  • Die Bedingungen der Ereignisauslöser ändern die Zufallswerte des Auslösers nicht mehr auf unterschiedliche Werte. Der Ereignisauslöser erhält standardmäßig eine 50%-Wahrscheinlichkeit.


Die Software prüft nun jede Minute, ob der Nutzer noch angemeldet ist. Falls nicht, benachrichtigt sie ihn.

Resourcen Löschen

Ressourcen lassen sich nun ohne Fehlermeldung löschen, da Abhängigkeiten automatisch entfernt werden.

Performance: Portale

Das Netz wird nun in einem Portalsystem gerendert, damit muss es nicht immer neu aufgebaut werden, wenn die Seite gewechselt wird. Damit sollten die Seitenwechsel schneller ablaufen.

Getrennte Bilder

Das Bildsystem ist umgeschrieben, so dass alle Bilder in einem Bereich des Datenmodells standardisiert gesammelt werden und dynamisch erweiterbarer sind. Damit lassen sich andere Bereiche leicht mit Bildern ergänzen.

Fragestellung neu skalieren

Die Fragestellung lässt sich nun besser skalieren: Sie springt nun nur in der Größe zurück, wenn der Text aus dem Kasten herausragt.